By listening to your employees and finding where and what needs they have, a Holistic Corporate Wellness Program will not only coach them how to:

  •  Eat healthier
  •  Manage stress
  •  Start an exercise habit
  •  Understand and possibly eliminate cravings
  •  Help with addictions
  •  GREATLY help and possibly reverse chronic diseases

But also, this program may:

  •  Lower individual health care costs
  •  In addition to improving the health of the employee, there is a ripple effect to his/her family therefore cutting down on absenteeism
  •  Improve morale, productivity, loyalty and health
  •  Lower Workers' Compensation accidents/costs
  •  Attract highly qualified additional employees
  •  Create happy employees whose happiness will spill over onto your customers





Why Help Your Employees Get Healthier with a Holistic Corporate Wellness Program by Hello Healthy One!?

Oh, let me count the ways:

First let us start with some sobering statistics:

  • Average health care costs per employee rose from $6,384 in 2003 to$7,800 in 2008 and is expected to rise to over $13,000 per employee by 2018. (1)

  • Poor health is costing the US economy $576 billion a year in wage replacement and lost productivity due to illness, Workers' Compensation, short-term and long term disability and overall medical and pharmacy costs.

Can Having  Healthier  Employees Help a Company's Bottom Line?

Organizations with effective health improvement programs often experience better health and better savings through more productive employees. According to the employer survey: (2)

  • Top performing companies (ones that have kept health care cost increases at or below 2.2% - compared to the survey norm of 6.1% for 4 years ) did so by

     making significant strides in supporting a culture of well-being.


  • Employees of top performing companies pay on average $400 less per year in premiums than low performing companies. Health improvement is a long-term strategy that can reduce company expenses through sustained improvements in employee health. What's more, when a culture of well-being is created at the workplace, it can help your employees to live longer,

    healthier, happier lives.


  1. Integrative Benefits Institute, September 2012

  2. 17th Annual Towers Watson/National Business Group on Health Employ Survey on Purchasing Value in Health Care, 2012, page 3





Can You Afford to Invest in a

Holistic Corporate Wellness Program

to Improve Employees' Health?


Maybe a Better Question is:

Can You Afford NOT to?


Hello Healthy One! 

Adjusting lifestyles for Health and Happiness.


For more information call:

  Marti Avila, Holistic Health Coach



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